More Chocolate!

Pretty aren’t they? What you are looking at here is chocolates made with coconut butter ganache, crab apple butter ganache, and pistachio butter ganache inside and a very good quality dark chocolate on the outside. Learning this craft was just too amazing of an experience. I just feel the needs to share the pictures. You … More More Chocolate!


Vegetable Art

Behold the vegetable! Vegetables are beautiful! This picture was taken back in August. Our friends/neighbors were growing a garden and told us we could help ourselves to whatever we wanted. Jocelyne came in one day with said vegetables and just plunked them on the counter. I came along and thought “Wow, that would make a … More Vegetable Art


I was tempted to put googly eyes 👀 and a grin on the peppers but I didn’t have Mr. Potato head props handy or an app to apply with my iPad. It would have been pretty funny ( I think. ) Oh well! It has been almost six months since I posted anything at all. … More Pepperhenge

It’s BBQ Season!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything but hey, sometimes life gets in the way. I have been busy and I have also moved to the other side of the country. We are now in beautiful British Columbia! Sicamous to be exact and it really is beautiful here! Gorgeous mountain air. Scenery to die … More It’s BBQ Season!

Restaurant Review #3

We love Indian food and when we’re not making it ourselves, this is our go to place in Charlottetown. The food is very good and it’s also just a block from where we are staying. So, this time round we started with the Vegetable Samosa then we moved on to the Lamb Korma, Mutter Paneer, … More Restaurant Review #3