Holy Guacamole!

This is one of Jocelynes recipes! Let me tell you…she really knows how to rock the guac 🥑

Choosing the right avocado is half the battle! Up here in Canada, all that seems to be available in terms of avocado are the Hass variety. And they need to be very dark, if not black to be ripe. Even then, there is no guarantee that you’ve got a good one. You need to feel them as well…they need to be firm not soft. If they are soft, they’re going to be black inside as well and that’s no good. And you need to make sure the skins are not growing any mold or have any weird blemishes.

If you have the time and are not in a hurry to make guacamole, you can always buy the green ones and put them on your window sill to ripen. But be careful because they might be perfectly ripe one day and the next they will be over ripe and no good anymore. If you find that they are almost ripe but you’re not ready for them yet then you can always put them in the fridge and that will slow down the ripening process.

Okay, so on with the recipe!

  • One large ripe avocado
  • 1 small tomato 🍅- diced
  • One clove of garlic – minced
  • 2 Tbsps of fresh cilantro – chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Couple of splashes of worcestershire
  • Couple of splashes of Tabasco
  • 1-2 tbsps of fresh lemon or lime


Take the avocado and cut it in half along the pit. Once you have cut through to the pit all the way around the avocado, give it a twist and it will separate nice and easy.

Next, take your knife and whack it into the half with the pit ( don’t hold onto the avocado while you do this, you could hurt yourself.) Just leave the avocado on the cutting board when you whack into the pit. The knife should be stuck into the pit pretty good, now twist the knife and the pit will come out with ease.

When removing the pit from the knife, use a clean dish cloth or towel and pull it off. Be careful not to touch the blade with your fingers. Unless of course, you don’t like your fingers.

If you have ever dealt with avocados then you know they can be pretty messy. So….What I like to do is cut up the avocado while it’s still in its shell. Take your knife and cut slices through lengthwise and then cut across the slices so that you have cubes. Then take a spoon and scoop out the avocado into a bowl. Easy, peasy!

Now, just add the rest of your ingredients and give it a good stir. Taste and adjust any of seasonings to your liking.

If you’re not going to consume the guacamole right away, then take the pit and put it in the middle of the guacamole. This will prevent it from turning brown too quickly.

Goes well with tortilla chips and beer 🍺

Remember to cook with love in your heart- the food will taste better ❤️

If you try this recipe and want to share please put your comments in the section below. Thanks!


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