A Restaurant Review

This is my first ever restaurant review! In an attempt to expand what I blog about, I thought that I would write some reviews on places we like to go to here in Charlottetown and The Noodle House is one of them.

The owner is very sweet and welcoming. She is always happy to see us and almost always takes our order personally.

The other day when we went to The Noodle House, she was not there. No matter, the woman that greeted us and took our order was also very nice and welcoming.

We ordered Hot &Sour soup, Green Beans with Pork, and a Chicken Chowmein. Plain white rice and some jasmine tea.

When our meal came it was fresh, hot, and very tasty. The portions were generous too! We ended up taking a little less than half of it home, which we had for lunch the next day.

From Monday to Friday, they serve a lunch buffet. This is a fairly new endeavour for them and it seems to be very popular as it is an “all you can eat” type buffet. We tried it once and it was pretty good but we like to order from the menu. That’s just our preference.

So, if you ever find yourself in Charlottetown, PEI Canada and are in the mood for Chinese food, give this place a try.


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