Chicken Pot Pie

‘‘Tis the season! Chicken Pot Pie is the epitome of comfort food. And, it’s a great way to use leftovers or little bits of vegetables ( not enough for a meal but combined with other little bits, you can make a meal.). For instance, in the pie you see above I used some red pepper … More Chicken Pot Pie

Fettuccine Rosa

Sometimes you just want simple! And fettuccine Rosa is simple comfort food at its best. This winter has been particularly cold here in Canada 🇨🇦 with the exception of the west coast, where it occasionally snows but never really gets cold 🥶. Lets just say it never gets to -30* Celsius like the rest of … More Fettuccine Rosa

Holy Guacamole!

This is one of Jocelynes recipes! Let me tell you…she really knows how to rock the guac 🥑 Choosing the right avocado is half the battle! Up here in Canada, all that seems to be available in terms of avocado are the Hass variety. And they need to be very dark, if not black to … More Holy Guacamole!

Italian Rabbit Stew

No! This is not anyone’s pet bunny 🐰. This is a meat rabbit bred and raised for the purpose of eating. Not any different from cows, pigs, or chickens bred and raised for eating. Funny, we usually make this recipe with chicken! But while we were shopping 🛒 for groceries the other day, we came … More Italian Rabbit Stew