Breakfast Burrito

Nice pic Lori but what’s inside? Not to worry, grasshopper…I have taken a picture of the inside as well. This is the Breakfast Burrito! It makes for a fast, easy, and filling morning go to and is one of our favourites. I could throw one of these together in less than 5 minutes. It takes … More Breakfast Burrito


Makin’ Bacon

A long, long time ago. In a galaxy, far, far away. Sorry, different story… Oh well, once upon a time we owned and operated a restaurant called “Route 3 Eatery.” It was awesome! We had a wood fired pizza oven, in which we made some tantalizing creations. No pepperoni on our pizzas! We also made … More Makin’ Bacon

Oven-Baked Fried Chicken

Oven-Baked fried chicken….almost sounds like an oxymoron.  Although it is baked, it is not fried!  Thing is,  you get the taste of fried without all the extra grease.  No more ridiculous than chicken fried steak.  And what’s up with that anyway?  Why not breaded steak cutlet? It’s funny what we decide to call things.  It’s … More Oven-Baked Fried Chicken

Salmon Fish Cakes

I used to make these in one of the restaurants we used to own and operate. It was one of those daily specials we would run once every couple of weeks. We always sold out, as a matter of fact people would call in morning and reserve x-amount of specials for themselves and their colleagues … More Salmon Fish Cakes

Braised Cabbage

I find people either love cabbage or they hate it. I am one person who loves cabbage. It’s a very versatile vegetable. You can stuff the leaves, put it in soups and stews, make a slaw, add it to a stir fry, and the list goes on. I like to use braised cabbage as a … More Braised Cabbage

Scotch Broth

I’m not entirely sure why they call it Scotch broth when there is obviously more going on in this soup than merely a broth. I do know the soup originated in Scotland and it contains lamb and barley but why not Scotch lamb and barley soup? Winter is soup season and there is nothing more … More Scotch Broth